Jewelry Shanghai 2019
May 08-12, Shanghai New International Expo Center

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Statistic about Exhibitors
Total Exhibiting Space: 52,000sq.m.
Number of Exhibitors: 1138
Overseas Exhibitors: 341
Group Participation: Diamond Pavilion;AWDC Pavilion;Shuibei Pavilion;Taiwan Pavilion;Thailand Pavilion;Korea Pavilion;Panyu Pavilion;Huang Longyu Pavilion;Sri Lanka Pavilion;HongKong Pavilion;ICA Pavilion;Tianya Pavilion;Jinli Pavilion;Hualin Pavilion
Countries & Regions: China,Hong Kong SAR,Macao SAR,Taiwan Province, Australia,Burma,Sri Lanka,Lithuania,India,Italy, Israel,Japan,Korea,Turkey,Poland,Singapore,Tha- Iland,U.K.,U.S.A.,Belgium

Statistic about Visitors
Pre-registered Visitors: 3,796
Registered on-site : 63,267
Origin of Visitors: Visitors from Shanghai(80.06%);
Visitor from Eastern China(9.31%);
Other Area of China(9.93%);
Overseas Visitors(0.7%);
Information Sources of Visitors: Manufactuer/Suppliers(10.2%);
Jewellery Designer(0.9%)

Event Marketing
The wide media coverage on over 92 publication and TV in China, HK SAR, Taiwan Province, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea gave the exhibition and exhibiting companies full exposure before, during and after the event by advertisements, news reports, special reports, interactive activities, etc..
Around 92 media attended the Press Release on May 7th 2014.