OVERNIGHT STORAGE - for Valuable Exhibits Only

Overnight storage of valuable exhibits can be arranged through the Organizer, free of charge, during the exhibition period at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. All property of an exhibitor stored in the property is at that exhibitor's own risk.

Storage Period: May 04-09,2016

Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center Hall 1 & 2.

Size:All exhibits should be locked and sealed in a case not larger than 70cm×60cm×40cm cases must be provided by exhibitors themselves.

Cost: Free of charge

As the storage space in the Centre is limited, only valuable exhibits should be stored. No Personal Belongings And Furniture is allowed. Only Two Cases per a 9 m2 booth will be allowed. If an exhibitor has more than two cases of valuable items for overnight storage in Security Room, that exhibitor must ensure that it has appropriate arrangements for overnight storage of the excess items.

Schedule for Deposit and Withdrawal from the Security Room:
Withdrawal: May 05-09, 2016 (Tuesday)  -(Monday)         08:15 – 09:30
Deposit:    May 04-08, 2016 (Wednesday)-(Sunday)         16:00 – 18:00


Please note that the applications to use the Security Room Service are handled on a first-come-first served basis. No exhibits can be deposited or withdrawn beyond the time schedule stated above. No Exhibits can be kept in the security room during the exhibition opening hours as the room will be closed.

The Organizer ( including their employees, directors officers and agents) shall not be liable for any losses (including consequential losses), damages, demands, costs claims charges or other expenses of any kind suffered or incurred by any exhibitor or any other person arising in connection with the Exhibition including, without limitation, and theft, fire, use of the Security Room Service or defect in the Exhibition Centre howsoever caused.


Ehibitors are suggested to insure for the exhibitions by themselves during the exhibition period (including the time of the Exhibitions be deposited in security room) contact Insurance Company providing exhibits Insurance Services:

Alltrust Insurance Co., Ltd.
Address: 2F Huaneng Union Tower, No. 958 Lujiazui Circle Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Phone: + 86 21 5110 5888ext 8529/ 8522
Fax: + 86 21 5110 5888ext 8310
Contact: Mr. Liao Kuo, Mr. Fang Yu
Email: liaok@alltrust.com.cn / fangy@allturst.com.cn